Who is Adn Jay?

Adn Jay is a rapper/singer/producer/entertainer and teacher.

His goal is simple; impact and heal as many people as he can. Searching for himself in his music he also helps others make sense of their own lives through his relatable but "out of the box" songwriting.  

Not only does Adn Jay aim to help people through his music, but also through teaching people how to make their own. Offering his talent and knowledge to anyone. 

You may ask, "why would I need anything from you?" Well, the time and effort I put into my craft is second to none. Dedicating my life to music I have learned so much. This combined with my purpose to help others, I pass down knowledge and resources that could help you along your journey. Take a listen to some of my music and maybe you'll see I might have something to offer. 

-I create in person and online lessons focusing on various aspects of music. I do this for all ages. (teaching)

-I help you create music providing you with Recording/mixing/mastering services(production)

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Artist Bio:

Adn Jay is a Hip-Hop rooted Alternative Pop artist born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Dedicated to finding his own sound, Adn isn’t scared to bend genres and ideas to create music truly unique to him. With a soothing voice, he creates catchy, dreamy hooks that get punchy and crisp when transitioning into verses filled with elaborate word-play and storytelling. Adn’s listeners feel and see what he is saying. Focused on purpose to help and heal with music, Adn is driven to spread his message through sound. In a world of noise, his sound will surely cut through. When he’s not working on honing songwriting and performing skills, Adn spends countless hours mixing/engineering, producing, and editing videos for himself and other artists.  Adn attends the University of Colorado Denver studying Music Business.


Starting out performing in his uncle's basement in front of family and friends, Adn Jay has since performed at his high school (Talent show, in class, and in the auditorium), At his college (4 times), numerous open mics, and multiple venues across the Denver area as well as a Co-headline show In Fort Collins Colorado. Adn Jay loves the art of performing and constantly strives to create the best experience for his fans. With a skill for crowd control and crowd engagement he makes sure the night is one to remember. On the technical side, Adn has developed a voice for performing live vocals, in order to give the most authentic experience he can. With a diverse catalogue, Adn Jay has songs in multiple genres and moods to keep things interesting and unique. 

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